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Kappa Pikes join LinkedIn!

Kappa Pikes!!

I am excited to announce that as part of the chapters Alumni Relations, Continuing Education & Social chairman programming, we will be taking additional steps to give our undergraduates the competitive edge and assist them to become career ready on the first day of graduation! This connection will be exclusively for Kappa Pikes and the purpose is to foster a mentor/mentee relationship.

Several of the undergraduates expressed a desire of wanting to reach out to our alumni in their field, but they did not know who to contact or where to start. This will now offer us a great opportunity of where we can all assist the chapter and each other!

By that, we are hoping to offer a single place where the undergraduates can seek advice from our highly esteemed and experienced professional brothers in the career they are looking towards with whatever career advice they may need. This not only will be an enormous help for our undergraduates, but this will be a huge selling point for the chapters recruitment!

Additionally, we now have a group that is dedicated for posting career advice and employment opportunities directly for our undergraduates! All this talk of helping the undergraduates is nice, but you might have referral bonus program within your this will also be beneficial for you to post job listings from your company as well! (check with your HR or benefits dept regarding the referral program) You will be added to the group after the Kappa Pikes is connected to your LinkedIn profile.

We hope to market our chapter with not only the leadership and personal development experiences from the chapter and our national education Pike University has to offer, but also the additional network of hundreds of alumni with similar educational backgrounds at Transylvania University and our alumni's success post graduation. We know our alumni are eager to assist the undergraduates because it is part of the teachings within our fraternity to be a service based organization. This will also allow all of us to easily mentor our Kappa Pike undergraduates and help get their foot in the door for prospective career options.

So, with that...

Hi everyone, I'd like to join your LinkedIn network.

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