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Rush Pike


With a history spanning over 130 years, Pi Kappa Alpha is Transylvania's oldest fraternity. Pike is proud of the scholars, leaders, athletes, and gentlemen within its ranks, and is always looking to welcome new brothers. Pike offers leadership and networking opportunities during a member's college career that extend far beyond graduation.


The skills Pike can help an individual build are equally important to the brotherhood the Fraternity offers. Kappa chapter seeks men who will not simply wear Greek letters on their chest, but will be proactive in promoting the ideals of brotherhood. Our members come from all walks of life and contribute equally to our success. We pride ourselves on our diversity - our true strength comes from our ability to accept each other despite whatever differences we may have. We are brothers - we are a family.


If you are interested in joining a fraternity dedicated to brotherhood and excellence, check out Transylvania Universities Recruitment sign up for registration! Current Transylvania students may register for for formal recruitment here.

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