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  • Derrick Wonsowski

Note to Alumni

We are glad you took the time to check out the new Kappa website! We will look to update you with more information and the chapter newsletters to our alumni as we can. Some important things you should be aware of is the formation of the Kappa Chapter Alumni Association (KCAA)! We are extremely excited to work with the alumni association on a number of things to further our position on Transylvania's campus. We encourage all the alumni to look up what the KCAA is doing on their website:

The Alumni Association will serve as your single point of contact. We will keep you informed on the progress, growth and campus activities of the active chapter. The Alumni Association will keep you up to date on the Pikes and Little Sisters you went to Transy with. Specifically they will launch an interactive alumni website and Facebook page to ensure that you can stay in touch with those who are the important to you. The KCAA will play a proactive role in Kappa Chapter’s fund-raising activities and will ensure that Kappa Chapter has the funds required to successfully manage and grow the chapter. Specifically, the Association will ensure that any funds you donate - to include your annual association dues - will be immediately directed toward the Chapter's greatest needs.

With many of the new changes happening in this era of Kappa's history, the chapter is looking at helping the association update the records of all of the Kappa alumni. I don't know if it was ever attempted or how successful this will be, but one of the traditions I had at Delta Nu was being able to go through and trace our fraternal family tree. I would like to bring that Delta Nu tradition here to Kappa and attempt to build a Kappa Fraternity Tree, listing all big brothers with their little brothers, as well as add the chapter's little sisters/dream girls.

While I was working on the form to update information, I thought it could be beneficial to add a program for undergraduates seeking career advice for their particular field of study. The basic idea is to match up two people only if the alumnus is interested in being that resource, as well as an undergraduate looking for advice when pursuing their undergraduate career path options.

Lastly, we looked to include a lot of new things with this latest revision of the website, so if there may be anything that you think needs to be looked at again or tweaked, please let us know and we'll try to incorporate the changes that we can. If there was something in particular that you liked, let us know about that too! Thanks!


Derrick Wonsowski - Kappa Alumni Advisor

Delta Nu '02

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