Alumni Weekend Update

Hey guys,

Long time! I have confirmations on most of the emails above- but if you see one that’s out of date, please forward on…. I was excited to see that a lot of you will be returning to campus this weekend.

FYI, Here’s the Kappa Chapter Alumni Assn (KCAA) Page:

UPDATE: After reforming in Fall 2014, the Chapter was derailed and suspended from Feb through March 2015 due to hazing allegations. The decision and allegations were highly disputed by the Chapter, and upon appeal were reversed on April 1st and Chapter reinstated-- (indicating that they were mainly innocent in the first place). I am extremely impressed with Kappa Chapter in general and the support the Alumni Association has given. The Chapter has been very proactive with the TU Admin and National Pike- and despite what occurred this semester is very well-liked and supported. Kappa currently has 25 Actives and 3 New Members- there will be28 Actives after this weekend. There are 10 graduating seniors this year, so they will have 18 actives going into fall rush- preparation for which is already underway.