First Friday Pike Social

Greetings Brothers!

The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity was described to me as a secret social college fraternity with a life-long commitment. After graduating college, we know life takes over and time flies! Before you know it, you find that special someone, buy a house, start/raise a family and then send your children to college (to hopefully become Pikes). You probably keep up on social media with that handful of brothers that you grew close to or visit several of our brothers and their families, to see them grow through the years.

We all love this part of the fraternity and this is why we want to continue on our life-long journey with our fraternity!The Kappa Chapter Alumni Association (KCAA) and Kappa Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) are now catching our stride. We would like to further expand that special bond of brotherhood that we share to catch up with our fellow Pikes about our f