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Alumni Weekend 2016 Recap

Thanks to all Alumni, Actives, and Friends who participated in Alumni Weekend Activities. Once again our faithful group demonstrated the truth that Pi Kappa Alpha is a Standard on the Transylvania Campus and here to stay!

The Kappa Chapter Alumni Association has nearly 50 members. It's goal is to provide support (both financial and brotherly) to the Kappa Chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity. This was accomplished in several ways for the 2015-2016 Academic Year:

-Refurbishment of the Pike Chapter Room in Poole Hall at Transylvania. This will be a huge plus for the Chapter in Fall 2016 Rush as well as for encouragement of the Brotherhood

-Financial assistance in sending five active brothers to Pike Leadership and Convention Activities. Leadership Training sets the tone for Active Brothers to lead the chapter in the future

-Financial assistance for the Chapter in meeting obligations to the National Fraternity

The Kappa Chapter cocktail party and alumni dinner, as well as the Alumni Association Awards Luncheon were all at capacity and attended by both Kappa Actives, Friends, and Alumni. All three have become traditional events thanks to the efforts of the KCAA. In all, at least 60+ folks were in attendance at each of the Kappa Chapter events this weekend. Transylvania University recognizes this and will use our group as base for future projects/efforts on campus.

Congratulations and welcome to Alumni Status for the following Kappa Chapter graduating Seniors:

David Neri (Kappa '13)

Satchel Fowler (Kappa '13)

Richard Shufet (Kappa '13)

Jody Robinson (Kappa '15)

As each of you move into the next phase of your lives, always remember that your efforts have made a difference for Kappa Chapter and in return the Chapter has had an affect on your growth into men. Good Luck!

Also, congratulations to Leon Hirsh (Kappa '69) as recipient of the 2016 John T Gentry Kappa Chapter Service Award. Brother Hirsh's dedication to the Chapter and Fraternity for many years have had a major impact both on the formation of the Kappa Chapter Alumni Association as well as Kappa Chapter itself.

Thanks to the Kappa Chapter Alumni Association for facilitating this weekend's activities. In particular:

-Scott (Kappa '74) and Kay Brown as well as Izzy Stiskin (Kappa '73) for their KCAA Board Leadership and support

-Marc LaMond (Kappa '76) and Bill Todd (Kappa '76) for the KCAA communications and marketing programs

-Mac (Kappa '89) and Jessica Thompson for their all around support of Kappa Chapter

-Charlie Bond (Kappa '72), Louie Bosworth (Kappa '73), Leon Hirsh (Kappa '69), and Jack Resinger (Kappa '76) for their service on the KCAA Board

-Kappa Actives John Darsie, Chapter President (Kappa '14) and Vladimir Riggs, Chapter Treasurer (Kappa '14) for the Chapter Update at KC Alumni Association Luncheon

-Kappa Chapter Advisor Derrick Wonsowski (Delta Nu '02)

As Kappa Chapter continues its work to recruit the best men, improve the college experience of it's active members, and build the character of men who will be our future leaders- Thanks to all who have made an impact on the Kappa Chapter.

All the best to our active and alumni brothers and friends!

We look forward to meeting again for Fall Rush 2016 (only four months away!!)

In phi phi Kappa alpha,

The Men of Kappa Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha

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