KCAA Annual Letter and Dues Reminder


Hope you all had a prosperous 2015 and a great holiday with friends and family.

Speaking of family, we are in the process of planning Kappa Chapter Alumni Association “KCAA” during Pike Alumni Weekend @ Transy April 28-30, 2016. Classes whose year ends in 1 and 6 will be holding reunions. It is KCAA’s sincerest hope that at least 1 Pike from 1976 shows up for the Transy Alumni Reunion picture this year (only 3 students from the entire class showed up for it 5 years ago!!!).

For years, after Pike Day @ the Races, Pikes have followed that up with Uncle Leon’s Cocktail Party @ the Atomic Café-for many years it was owned by a Pike. He sold it several years ago and the new owner has put the “gone out of business sign” on the door. WE ARE PIKES!!! Of course there will be