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KCAA Annual Letter and Dues Reminder


Hope you all had a prosperous 2015 and a great holiday with friends and family.

Speaking of family, we are in the process of planning Kappa Chapter Alumni Association “KCAA” during Pike Alumni Weekend @ Transy April 28-30, 2016. Classes whose year ends in 1 and 6 will be holding reunions. It is KCAA’s sincerest hope that at least 1 Pike from 1976 shows up for the Transy Alumni Reunion picture this year (only 3 students from the entire class showed up for it 5 years ago!!!).

For years, after Pike Day @ the Races, Pikes have followed that up with Uncle Leon’s Cocktail Party @ the Atomic Café-for many years it was owned by a Pike. He sold it several years ago and the new owner has put the “gone out of business sign” on the door. WE ARE PIKES!!! Of course there will be a cocktail party of Friday April 29, 2016.

Check the KCAA website at for up to date information on all Pike/KCAA activities. Last year the rooms @ the Inn on Broadway “IOB”, Pike Day @ the Races and the KCAA Awards Luncheon were sellouts, so make your reservations when they are posted on the KCAA website. Special note-KCAA strongly suggests u call the IOB now (859-519-2060) and reserve your $ 89 room while they still have them so you don’t get “stuck” in one of the other “preferred hotels” like some of our KCAA members have in the past. Also, the IOB has a very liberal cancellation policy.

As you recall, last year Kappa Chapter went through the most turbulent times in our history with the Kappa coming extremely close to having its charter permanently revoked by National and Kappa closed for social violations by Transylvania.

Thanks to the generous efforts of the Alumni like you and their donations through the Kappa Chapter Alumni Association, “KCAA”, we have been able to assist Kappa with numerous challenges that not only take up a lot of time as a student, but financial resources as well. Add to the fact that the dorms were torn down and the fraternity chapter rooms were put in a temporary location until the new permanent chapter rooms are completed, time moves forward with Rush and on campus activities.

It is time once again to ask you for support with your annual KCAA dues of $50.00. The KCAA funds that you generously provide support just some of the following:

· Scholarships for Pikes that want to be a part of Kappa but do not have the funds to do so

· Support to send Kappa Representatives to at least two National required events

· Support University and Philanthropic efforts with Kappa Chapter

· Support for re-furnishing the new chapter room

· Create and maintain a stable contact platform for past and future alumni

There have been a lot of positives for the Men of Pi Kappa Alpha on Transy’s campus as well. Check out the KCAA website at Your brothers on the board of KCAA have spent over 500 man hours traveling to and attending KCAA, Kappa & Transy meetings and events in the last year to make sure that what began back in 1888 at Transy and has now endured for well over a century, will continue; developing men of integrity, intellect, success and high moral character.

To that end, we appreciate your continued support and we hope that you will continue helping KCAA by sending in your dues today. It is very easy, click on the link and use the PayPal account we have established @ Pay My KCAA Dues Now! Or you can send a check, the contact information for mail delivery can be found on the same link.

Things are going in the right direction. We want to stay the course and continue to be proud of our association with the Kappa Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha.

Phi Phi KA

KCAA Board

PS-Keep checking the website for updates of activities of Kappa Alumni gatherings, Kappa Alumni Weekend activities and Kappa Chapter news.


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