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Already an alumni association member and looking to further assist the chapter?

​First and foremost...Thank you!  The Kappa Chapter Alumni Association is solely funded through membership dues and renewals, but also from external donations from our generous alumni.  Our next major project is to provide substantial financial assistance for the chapter through furnishing the permanent chapter room located in Bassett Hall.  Our annual goal is to provide assistance to the chapter for various endeavors.  If you would like to provide additional financial donation, please click on the link below and thank you!

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Our current major project is to raise $20,000 for furnishing the Pi Kappa Alpha Chapter Room

Over the past several years, the chapter has moved to several temporary chapter rooms on campus.  The active chapter, Alumni Advisory Board and KCAA wanted to hold off on major renovation projects until we identified what the chapter's permanent space would look like.  After several years of moving to various places on campus, we finally have a permanent space on Transylvania's campus in Bassett Hall.

There is no doubt the price tag for this chapter room build out is steep, however our goal is to furnish the chapter room with enough foresight to last for several years of Kappa Pikes to come.  We are looking to raise enough funds to purchase quality items that could aid the chapter with recruitment, as well as implement new technology that will last for years to come, rather only a couple years.  As with any major project, we are also looking to plan ahead and account for any unforeseen expenses to prevent coming back to ask for additional donations.

As of January 2023, we are at 5% of meeting this goal. 

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Our annual goal is to raise $10,000 annually to help Kappa Chapter offset their fixed expenses, promote a new scholarship program and provide the opportunity for members to attend Pike University

While the Pi Kappa Alpha national fraternity does have some of the lowest insurance coverage rates in the nation, several thousands of dollars of the chapters budget go directly towards our LPP insurance coverage every year.  After reviewing the chapters budget, the KCAA has made it our priority to help offset some of these fixed expenses.  This allows the chapter to allocate chapter member dues to further improve chapter programming, such as more recruitment events, comprehensive new member education program, larger community service & philanthropy events.

Our last objective is to provide the opportunity for our undergraduate members to attend Pike University events.  These range from the Leadership Summit held in Atlanta, Chapter Executive Conferences held in Memphis and either The Academy or National Convention held annually.  Pike University events are packed with information on how to further improve chapter operations.  Sessions are based on the very best practices found at top performing chapters at large universities all across the nation.  With new members coming in and seniors graduating, it is imperative that we continue sending the active members to these events.  The goal of the KCAA is for both members and alumni volunteers/advisors to attend these leadership events, learn the latest best practices and scale these ideas for a campus of 40,000+ down to something that would make sense for our campus of just over 1,000 students.

As of January 2023, we have fulfilled 39 requests totaling nearly $5,000!

Financial updates on meeting this goal will be provided at the KCAA's Annual Business Meeting or upon request from a KCAA member.

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Walker - Claggett - Willhoite Memorial Scholarship

Our last objective is to assist active members directly through a tiered scholarship program, where an active member can earn up to $100 discount towards their dues based on outstanding GPA performance.  After the announcement of this scholarship program, our chapter was extremely motivated and earned the top GPA among all fraternities on campus.


As an additional benefit, we believe the success within the classroom has lead our members to push even further in other areas at making Kappa Chapter the best fraternity on campus!  The term when this scholarship was announced resulted in one of our largest recruitment classes in several years.  That same term, our chapter had one of the largest philanthropy donations raised through their event held on campus among all Greek life, as well as continued success in many other areas of chapter operations.  The confidence our members gained from the classroom has directly resulted in the success of other events held by the chapter!

As of January 2023 since it's inception, we have awarded approximately $70 to 46 brothers, for a total award amount of $3,250.

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the WCW Memorial Scholarship


While there are many options available, the Kappa Chapter Alumni Association currently utilizes PayPal as our preferred method of accepting online payments.  If you do not have a PayPal account, it only takes a moment to set up.  PayPal is the easiest and most popular system for making payments of any kind online.

You can also mail a check payable to:

Kappa Chapter Alumni Association

125 Chenoweth Lane - Suite 206

Louisville, KY 40207

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