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Kappa Chapter Alumni Association (KCAA)

The Kappa Chapter Alumni Association has three primary objectives.

  • First, to provide leadership, guidance and financial support to the active chapter.

  • Second, to ensure that the 1100+ living alumni of Kappa Chapter are kept informed of news regarding the brothers and Dream Girls (and little sisters) they attended Transylvania with.  In addition, to keep the members updated on news regarding the actives, new members, alumni and Transylvania.

  • Third, to serve as primary advocate, lobbyist and intermediary between the Chapter Alumni, the administration of the University and Pi Kappa Alpha's international headquarters.


The Vision of the KCAA is to continue our lifetime commitment of Pi Kappa Alpha by further expanding the Pike University scholarship program for Kappa Chapter; we expect to accomplish this by expanding KCAA membership through executing events/programming for all members, deliver bi-annual chapter/alumni newsletters and succeeding at being annually recognized through Pi Kappa Alpha International Headquarters.


Our mission as an Kappa Chapter Alumni Association is as follows:

  • Provide newsletter updates twice a year about the chapter/alumni members.

  • Conduct events for alumni & chapter to participate locally/nationally.

  • Provide financial support to the Active Chapter, primarily in the form of Pike University Scholarships, but also capital improvements, as needed.

  • Complete the Year End awards application for Alumni Associations.

When we deliver on our mission with excellence, we will observe the following:

  • Annual recognition of the KCAA by Pi Kappa Alpha.

  • Recognition of Kappa Chapter by Pi Kappa Alpha, through the increased member participation at Pike University events.

  • By achieving consistent recognition by Pi Kappa Alpha, the result will be an increase in the total KCAA membership numbers and member involvement.

  • The ability to fully fund all Pike University Scholarship requests for Kappa Chapter annually and capital improvement projects, as necessary.


  • Fund 25 Pike University Scholarships (CEC, Leadership Summits or International Convention/Academy) throughout the academic year.

  • Retain/renew 90% of existing KCAA Membership.

  • Increase new KCAA Membership by 15% annually.

  • Conduct events monthly that are based around family, social, athletics, chapter development or career development.

  • Inform alumni of chapter/alumni updates through at least 2 newsletters annually & submit quarterly Shield & Diamond notes.

  • Complete Year End awards application for Alumni Association annually.

  • Conduct annual meeting on campus with Transylvania University administration.

Click on the KCAA Directory below to see if your membership is up to date

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