Kappa Chapter’s Alumni Association has accomplished a great deal with very limited resources.


For Example, Your Association ...


  • Provides funds for travel, lodging, meals and registration for regional training, chapter executives, and the two most recent annual conventions. This made it possible for several Active Members and our Chapter Advisior to attend both.

  • Provided funds to offset the costs of Rush, Off-Campus Event (Smoker), Alumni Weekend and Founders' Day.

  • Provided the required funds to re-charter Kappa’s Alumni Association. After only nine months in operation our association was named the top new Pi Kappa Alpha Alumni Association Chapter.

  • Worked with a select group of generous alumni to raise the funds required to furnish both the temporary and the future Pike Chapter Room.

  • Provided direct and confidential financial support to key upperclassmen who otherwise would have had to withdraw from the fraternity and possibly the University.

Between 2015-2018, your Alumni Association has been able to provide:

  • Funding 34 individual requests for brothers of Kappa Chapter to attend Pike University events and improve their leadership abilities.

    • These 34 requests covered a total of nearly $9,500, which makes up majority of the Alumni Association budget.

    • The KCAA was able to make a difference in 21 different brothers lives and counting.

    • As a result of the KCAA's support, members of Kappa Chapter were able to attend 11 different Pike University events.

  • Ability to provide over $5,000 from the KCAA and through seeking key alumni for Kappa's Recruitment, Off-Campus Event (Smoker), Alumni Weekend & Founders' Day events.

  • Seek & develop key alumni relationships to provide over $8,000 in much needed renovations of the Kappa Chapter Room.

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​Sustaining Alumni Association Members are absolutely essential for us to GROW our alumni association membership numbers.  Sustaining Member dues are simply $50 annually and will be processed each year at the date of signing up to the association through your PayPal account.  This allows your association to budget responsibly & prioritize chapter requests as they come in.​

Did you know...

​With the founding of our alumni association in 2015, we started our inaugural fiscal year with a staggering number of participation of 96 alumni members!!  In FY 2018, our numbers have seen an gradual decline, with only 38 association members and 4 new alumni signing up.


A significant portion of your alumni association boards effort has been directed towards encouraging these expired alumni members to consider renewing their membership again.  With this distraction, the board has been spending a notable amount of time towards increasing renewal membership, we have struggled to focus on increasing our level of service to our members & most importantly, our ability to meet the stated goals of assisting the chapter financially.


As a result of the sharp membership decline, the board has focused our interest in converting annual alumni association members into Sustaining Alumni Association Members.  This will assist our goal of increasing our financial assistance available to the chapter and achieve double digit growth in Alumni Association membership by converting our annual members to Sustaining Alumni Association Members!  Additionally, your alumni association board will now be able to focus on generating new ideas and events for all alumni association members to participate in.​

What is involved?

​With your Sustaining Alumni Association Membership first and foremost, you can rest assured that your Alumni Association Membership will automatically renew and continue benefiting the chapter annually.  We will seek your input regarding the planning stages of our alumni events and what interests our Sustaining Alumni Association Members would like to participate in.  As a KCAA Member we will be sure to give you first priority regarding information about our alumni association events, before they are offered and worst yet, sold out!  We also will look to recognize your commitment to the Chapter and Alumni Association through a special recognition during all of our Alumni Weekend Events.

Your Sustaining Alumni Association Membership also includes a complimentary invitation to the Alumni Weekend Cocktail Hour.  You will be able to interact with Alumni Association Board Members, Alumni Advisory Board and active Kappa Chapter Members, where we look to answer your specific questions regarding the alumni association, chapter and university updates.  You will also get exclusive discounts for our annual KCAA sponsored events sent directly to your email.  Additionally, future KCAA events will be added throughout the year, as we look to add more programming in order to also encourage membership.

We had a great time celebrating Founder'


Already a member and would like to help out more?

First and foremost...Thank you for the great question!  Several alumni have inquired about this recently and we have a page dedicated a specific page to inform you of the various fundraising efforts we are looking to under take.  We are looking to frame this around what would you like to do to assist the chapter and association with, in order to meet our goals.​

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The Kappa Chapter Alumni Association utilizes PayPal as the preferred method of accepting online payments.  If you do not have a PayPal account, it will only take a moment to set up.  PayPal is the easiest and most popular system for making payments of any kind online.